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What's the Formula?

Comedy, romance, drama … yes, it all boils down to chemistry. Between people. Between characters. Between the story and its audience. Fundamentally, all great stories have strong components but when Asian elements are mixed in, adapted out or tweaked incorrectly, it breaks up the overall compound.

We are hired by experienced directors, producers, actors, executives, creators and writers to provide our insights into the cultural differences between American and Asian content and contexts; to separate the wontons from the wantons, to fish out inaccuracies like that fortune cookies don’t originate from China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, to see if a comedic story translate well or if – aghast – it contains culturally offensive material (no worries, we’ll auto-correct it if it does).

Credibility is professionalism; one of the key pillars of reaching international markets. We focus on providing value-added advice without changing the story from its core audience.

Our goal is to help our storytellers create local-language stories with culturally specific Asian elements to fit a truly global audience. 

We feel passionate about what we do because we love the comfort of ensuring that no one unknowingly turns H20 (naturally safe water) into H (which would be the colorless, odorless, highly flammable gas, #1 on the table). Hallelujah, let's all drink to that!

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