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Creative Freedom

Boundless and borderless freedom to create great cinematic art because there is no need to shy away from certain topics or taboos.

We have the resources and knowledge to debunk, avoid and guide your story past the costly pitfalls, drawback and backlashes that other international productions have made - to ensure that the impact on Asian markets (China being the biggest but also Japan, Korean, Hong Kong and Taiwan) matches that of your intended goal. 


We feel there needs to be a peace of mind across all grounds that what's funny is funny, what's not (intended to be) is most certainly not because our supporting service is available to help your story overcome cultural, political, censorship barriers in reaching the fastest growing international global audience.


We believe that when the audience landscape is constantly changing, so should visual productions. Our keen eye on Asia's localized entertainment consumption and trends have always been advantageous in strengthening and maximizing a story's universal potential. 

We have been honored to have a chance to team up and elevate our clients' story to a worldwide stage. 

Asia's no limit.

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