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We help with content but more importantly, where we shine is context.

What is context? Context is something that’s not in history books but requires all the knowledge in it. Something that is not searchable on the internet because it lives in people’s hearts, and often stems back to their origins, with threads of values and traditions that extend beyond the 120 characters on social media.

Context is what something really means, in this case, not to one culture but has significance to two.

The details. The symbolism. The intended understanding (and hence, intended emotion).

From our experience, it is insufficient to simply research the country from an outsider’s perspective – one needs to be an insider into both cultures, to have lived in both cultures in an immersive way – but most crucially, it requires making many discerning expert judgements.

This is essentially where, we, as professionals differentiate our expertise over others because with precision and accuracy, we can pinpoint the spots where even if there is excellent content, the context makes it confusing (causing a disconnect for Asian audiences) and sometimes even gives it a second unintended subtext.

Our specialized set of knowledge allows us to determine and fix the story development or execution of the message that is problematic and to provide you a selection of informed and practical story suggestions, advice and solutions. 

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