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There's A gap between Asia and the world

While visual content can be easily shared and reach a global audience nowadays, this doesn’t necessarily mean its message resonates with anyone watching. Especially those from another culture.

A story is only as good as it is understood. Universally.

Pacific Oceans apart, language isn’t  the only hurdle. Fundamentally, cultural contexts are complicated, hard to understand and cannot be richly defined by Google’s translator nor explained by Siri or Alexa.

How do you touch the lives of those so far away without losing – sacrificing – the initial flavor of your work for your domestic audience? How do you know your humor is not offensive?

These are just some of the issues we deal with for our clients. We offer views from a professional standpoint, which includes an explanation of why and how a strategy works instead of just personal opinions ("I think it will work"). Visit our blog to read about real-life assumptions-gone-wrong cases by international companies that we felt could have benefited from our consulting. ​

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